Central Customer Service Center – Berlin, Kreuzberg

New design with special lighting

New construction of 30 outlets

The new Profectis subsidiary in Berlin is situated in the historic Mendelsohn Building in Kreuzberg. The ground floor will contain Profectis’s customer service center for the whole of Berlin, associated workshops, a central warehouse and administration. 
The long glass façade emphasizes the transparency of the new corporate design. This effect is underlined by an extraordinary lighting design. The night illumination consists of three levels:
Uplights with white light which enhance the strong rhythm of the pillars in the façade,
- Violet lighting of the shop windows with spotlights,
- Orange lighting of the shelves with downlights.

Customer Service Center Terminal – Repair Center for Technical Appliances

The first Service Center with the new corporate design was built and opened in Nuremberg. The branch in Germany’s capital, Berlin, is another step in the transformation to a national unified presentation of Profectis Ltd. Because of its important location in the nation’s capital, the Berlin shop is an extended version of a normal location.

A testing of the prototypes of the consultation steles in November 2003 was the kick off for the transformation to the new corporate design concept for Profectis Ltd. The lighting design was developed in cooperation with Zumtobel Staff Germany. The first shop opened in January 2004.
The new design is not limited to the customer service desk, but also includes a new multi-media wall and the entire workshop area. The workshop is composed of functional repairing desks, a computer terminal which delivers data on the specific parts to be repaired and new shelving elements which are modular and can easily be adapted to different retail environments. The glass-enclosed workshop not only allows the customer to look in, but also provides access, which encourages integration into the test and repair process.

Customer Service Center Terminal – Repair Center for Technical Appliances

What does the ideal reception area of the largest German company providing after-sale service for technical equipment look like?
That was the question answered by the prototype for 30 subsidiaries throughout Germany. Besides highlighting repair- and technical-competence, the design supported the image of a modern, customer-friendly enterprise. It was equally important to provide transparency in order to involve the customer in the repair process as well as to optimize the functionality of the service business.

Completion – December 2004

Nuremberg – 2003
Berlin – 2004
Further subsidiaries – 2004/2005

Corporate Design