Concert Hall – Nuremberg Symphony, Nuremberg

General renovation / rebuilding

The building ensemble of the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra, located in the south wing of the Congress Hall, was originally conceived as a temporary arrangement. With time, however, it has developed into a culturally important institution and therefore will be expanded and its technology updated. The goal of the renovation is to create not only an attractive concert hall, but also a suitable entrance area. This area will contain an appropriately proportioned foyer, modern cloakrooms and toilet facilities – all of which will permit barrier-free usage. The enhanced exterior should improve the recognition and visibility of the facility, which is in direct proximity to the Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds.

Planning – 2005/2006
Completion – März 2008

The concurrent creation of a forecourt as a reception and assembly area for visitors to both the Nuremberg Symphony and the Serenadenhof concert arena brings new potential for the city in this history-filled place.

To that end, the north façade of south wing of the Congress Hall will be opened up. A box of light will push out of the massive, closed brick wall, exposing the life inside and inviting guests with its light, wide, filigree steps. A new glass elevator, large glass signage and the lightness of the steps provide a distinct contrast to the “Backdrop of Terror”.

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