Day Nursery / Day Care Center CJD, Nuremberg

New Construction

The new facility in Zerzabelshof houses a three-group kindergarten and a two-group day nursery. The educational concept focuses on bilingual early education and the support of gifted children.

Open family zones, a separate family room, studios for art and crafts and a multi-media workroom offer, in addition to the group rooms, an attractive and varied multitude of instructional opportunities and communication forms in this unique institution.

In the façade which faces the garden, the two-story structure features large-scale openings; the north and east façades are marked by meandering snaking curves of plaster.

The ecological concept of the building is unique. Basic energy requirements are drastically reduced and the goal of sustainable construction through the creation of a green building is met. In addition to use of sullage (grey water), geothermic energy comes into play in the form of a well system and a heat pump, which supply both warm water and the heating system.

Planning Start – April 2009
Construction Start – September 2012
Completion – September 2013

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