Deutscher Hof / Opernpalais

Major Renovation / New Construction

Built in 1912, this building is, from an art historical point of view, one of the most important in Nuremberg. As part of a core refurbishment of the structure, which was originally used as a hotel and has stood empty for 10 years, the historical substance will be carefully restored. Its roof, which was destroyed in World War II and replaced with a much flatter makeshift roof, will be restored to its original form. The natural-stone bays and central risalit of the main façade will be reconstructed.
The structure will house a restaurant in the ground floor, three stories of office space and two penthouse apartments under the roof. In addition to the renovation of the Deutscher Hof, a new building with 27 apartments and a two-story underground parking garage will be constructed. A total of 5,800 m² of floor space will be (re-)created. The investment volume for the two phases of construction will total ca. 14.8 million Euro.

Planning Start – November 2012
Construction Start – December 2013
Completion – February 2014

Februar 2014 Deutscher Hof assembly centers, buildings for administration, conversion and modernizations, housing construction