Em-eukal Dr.C.Soldan Office and Factory, Nuremberg

Architectural Competition

Through construction of a new central building, a production factory in Adelsdorf and an administrative office in Nuremberg should be combined. Goals of the consolidation were to reduce travel between the two locations, create a modern office building and implement the IFS (International Food Standard) within the production area. Through use of waste heat from the production area for office-building heating and the geothermic use of well water via thermoactive ceilings and façade for cooling, the essential criteria for sustainable construction were fulfilled. Fresh spring water as a characterizing element and a key ingredient in production creates the leitmotif of the design – both in outdoor spaces and in the building interior. The color and characteristics of materials used in the design are kept as close to nature as possible. The foyer is a multi-story atrium, from which all areas can be accessed.

Planning Start – March 2012
Construction Start – January 2013
Completion – March 2014

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