Expert Competition – Kemnath Residential Park

As part of an invitation-only expert competition, various ideas for the urban development of a large construction site at the edge of the Kemnath city center were created.
The construction area is enclosed on the Amberger Straße side with a four-story block. Three cube-like city villas mark the western edge of the development. They are all positioned so that every residential unit has a view of the Rauher Kulm Mountain, a natural landmark. The residential district contains a neighborhood-wide network of paths. The entire inner area of the development is realized as a green “discovery area”. Along the paths there are various “stations” with very different offerings such as a chess board, boules playing surface, a playground or a boulder wall and a bathing pontoon in water. All residential units have an underground parking place with a storage and hobby room. The buildings will be built according to the KfW 70 energy standard. To this end, they will take advantage of the geothermic use of ground water. Using sink pipes and discharge wells, the existing water sources should be optimally used to significantly reduce primary energy requirements. To achieve this high energy standard, the installation of cascade-switched air-heating pumps as well as the application of a cogeneration plant is planned.

competitions and architectural reports, housing construction