Multi Generation Housing Area with Daycare center, Nuremberg – Neubleiche

New Construction

The idea of a multi-generational house was newly interpreted in this project. Single parents and seniors are living together in a building with an integrated day nursery, kindergarten and after-school center, which will encourage many types of social contact between the inhabitants. In addition to common rooms, the energy-efficient building also contains a large multi-purpose room which can be used not only by household members, but also for external parties. The west gable is turned towards a public plaza over which the children’s facilities and the multi-purpose room are accessed. The complete complex is barrier-free. Part of the construction is publically supported; other areas privately. The concept has already been recognized in a preliminary design study by the Bundesfamilienministerium as part of the model program “New Ways of Living”. The project was supported by the government.

Planning Start – November 2009
Construction Start – 2013Lageplan

buildings for social purposes, housing construction