Day Care Center
Competition: Second Prize – Special Award

Children enter a research station which allows them to explore the world through a broad spectrum of different subjects and in a wide variety of ways. They become members of a research team. Not just its contents, but the building itself is part of the Expedition “Life” for these young explorers. The center is very transparent inside and out and features numerous variations in interior routes, cross connections and vertical and horizontal lines of sight. A central structure with its hub as an exploration center is surrounded by a ring of “chambers” for functional areas. Radial sections used as development and research cells lead to various “research satellites” and create a simple and logical orientation within the structure. The outdoor space is closely interwoven with the structure; stimulants for movement fluidly tie together interior and exterior space. The flowing, tiered landscape makes the building itself an object of adventure. The structure is a plus-energy design.
Competition November/December 2014

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