KiTa Eibach / Lutheran Kindergarten

An enlargement of the Lutheran Kindergarten not only created space for an additional Kindergarten group and day-care nursery, but also an after-school center. By adding an entire new story, the scope of rooms was also expanded, with the addition of an atelier, a PC-laboratory, new toilet facilities and a multi-purpose room. A new elevator guarantees barrier-free access. The space concept has re-ordered the rooms around a new “center”, which serves not only as a multi-functional zone for events and circulation space, but also as a parent-child contact area and for food service. An open-plan child-friendly kitchen, a new handicapped-accessible toilet and a separate cloakroom enhance use. Parallel to the expansion, the building also received an energy upgrade, which has greatly improved the energy balance of the facility.

Project Data

Gross Floor Area: 1,223 m2

Gross Volume: 970 m3

Planning Start: October 2011

Construction Start: September 2012

Completion: December 2013

Total Cost: 2.3 million €


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