Kolb & Soergel, Fuerth

New Construction: Warehouse and Office

A newly constructed warehouse and office building replaces the headquarters of a wholesaler of motor vehicle parts and accessories which was destroyed by fire.
Over an area of 5,250 m², a 10.90 m-high building will be constructed. It will contain high-bay rack storage, a modular shelf storage system and an administrative office level.
The building’s supporting structure is a reinforced concrete skeleton. This is clad with a metal façade of silver-colored sandwich panels and smooth sheets in the company’s corporate colors. The building will be heated and cooled geothermally. The warehouse area has a pipe system contained in the concrete ceiling; the offices are furnished with acoustic-efficient metal heating/cooling ceilings.
The truck delivery area is designed and laid out so that the natural gradient of the site is optimally put to use.

object photos: Christof von Aufsess

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