Kolb’s Pretzels – Production Building with Café

New Construction

Kolb’s Pretzels, a company with a long-established family tradition, has combined multiple production sites into a new spacious production building, which already takes into account the requirements for future expansion. The building can accommodate a second story, which will permit the installation of an additional production line. At the same time, the location should be an attractive focal point for direct sales. The front section of the building, which is designed to appeal to a younger audience, houses a café with both indoor and outdoor seating. The transparent, open cube reflects the new image of the company, which can also be seen in the logo and colors chosen for the design. Warm brown tones recall the delicious smell of freshly-baked pretzels, which are prepared within view of café guests in the interior of the building.

Planning Start – 2011
Construction Start – July 2013
Planned Completion – March 2014

assembly centers, industrial buildings