Modehaus Käferlein – Eibach, Nuremberg

Facade Renovation

With the renovation of its façade, the clothing store Käferlein (with its prominent location in Eibach) will not only give the exterior of its 70s-era building a contemporary look, but also bind its advertising into an optimized optical concept. Large, colored, polycarbonate plates, held at strategic points and hung by a light aluminum construction, will be horizontally mounted on the façade. Lines of light strips will be located between the longitudinal bands of plates and should lend “speed” to the façade. A square opening on the west side (facing the main street of Eibach) will be given emphasis by a monitor-like frame. Side guide rails in the monitor window will permit the display of large mesh advertising posters. Although the material appears to have a flat surface, fine perforations allow a view from the sales floor to the outdoors.

Contract – 2006
Construction – 2006/2007
Facade Area – 1.800m³

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