Office Complex – Nuremberg

New Construction

The new five-story office building on the former “Milchhof” area on the Wöhrder Lake closes one of the last open building spaces in this prime location between the new Mercedes dealership and the new V+R Bank property. The two-story base of the building on the Kressengartenstraße is set back to allow an extended line of sight to the neighboring building from the point of view of a pedestrian or automobile driver. The new construction should meet the requirements of the “DGNB-Zertifikat Gold”, the highest seal of quality for sustainable construction in the German market. In addition to premium office space, a restaurant and a multifunctional lobby are planned. The office complex, which will be built in the form of an “H”, will include open-plan, combi- and individual offices. Each of the front ends features a large balcony, which will enhance the quality of meeting spaces.

Planning Expert Opinion – May 2011

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