Sparkasse Neu-Ulm

New Construction / Planning Expert Opinion

Goal of the conceptual design is to create a building that serves as a bridge head on an island. The structure and public space should communicate with one another to bring into being generous open public areas. The urban space should be expanded by the new construction, with the structure applied as a space-creating element. Traffic patterns will be changed. Access to the south bank of the Danube will be opened by an ample arrangement of stairs. The theme of the tower is further developed here – through its six-story design on the bridge head, the new building will become an urban landmark. Urban space will take new form through the creation of a series of plazas with differing characteristics, offering appealing new outdoor space. The movement-filled façade leads to a central plaza and makes the building look different from every angle. The flow of the Danube is the inspiration for the design, which sets the building in movement with the motion of its waves. The façade is open and shows what is happening inside.

Planning – June 2011

The building, as a distinctive structure, will have a different impact by day or night. By day, the horizontal lines are emphasized = expressing the dynamic of the river, businesses, the flow of pedestrians, the movement of vehicles, the data stream, change. By night, the vertical line will be expressed by means of small red light strips placed at uneven intervals on the building = moments of stability, relaxation, rest, thoughts and dreams and a muse with notes in varied tones. The unique corporate design of the building is also expressed through the choice of color, which is associated positively with the Sparkasse.

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